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Terms and Conditions of Tradera’s Payment Solution

Terms and Conditions of Tradera’s Payment Solution – Tradera

For buyers. Chose the payment method that suits you best; No transaction fees for buyer or sellers; Pay now, invoice or installments; Get buyer …

Tradera pay

Tradera pay – Tradera

Payment for your sales are either payed to your bank account, PayPal account or directly to your Swish account depending on how the buyer chooses to pay.

How do I get my payments? – Info Tradera

How do I get my payments? – Tradera

4 nov. 2022 — Tradera payment includes card payment, Apple/Google Pay, Paynova or PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account yourself because we deposit …

How do I get paid using Tradera payment?

Info Tradera – Tradera

To receive your payments you need to add your payment information, either a bank account or a PayPal account. Click on payouts in My Tradera …

Activate Tradera pay

Activate Tradera pay – Tradera

Net payouts works for all payment options except for Swish. If your account balance is positive at the start of a weekday we will initiate a payout.

Net Payout – Info Tradera

Net Payout – Tradera

Payment · Swish · Debit/credit card · PayPal · Paynova (only for Swedish citizens).

Won auction or purchased item – Info Tradera

Won auction or purchased item – Tradera

6 okt. 2022 — Pick your preferred payment option, enter your payment information and click on “Pay”. You can also pay to Tradera’s bank account – PlusGiro …

How do I pay my Tradera invoice?

Info Tradera – Tradera

Paynova ensures that your purchases are safe and simple and gives you … Independent of which payment option you choose Tradera’s buyer protection is …

Handla på faktura – Info Tradera

Handla på faktura – Tradera

There are several payment options on the site, check that the seller is offering a payment method that you can pay with. Different listings have different …

Shopping at Tradera

Shopping at Tradera – Tradera

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